About Dienye

Dienye Diri is a web designer and digital marketer.

Dienye began his website design journey in 2016 and his only focus was on building websites using the WordPress CMS. Now he builds websites on other platforms including Systeme.io and Google Sites.

Dienye's websites focuses on simplicity and speed. Inspired by other client needs, Dienye's digital services now includes website management and email hosting.

Full Website Design

I create stunning, responsive websites tailored to your brand, ensuring an exceptional user experience and driving business growth. Let me design the perfect online presence for you

Email Hosting

I offer reliable and secure business email hosting services using the Zoho Mail platform, ensuring your business communications are fast, spam-free, and professional. Trust me to manage your email needs with top-notch support and seamless integration.

Theme Customization

My theme customization service makes your website truly unique. By tailoring every detail to fit your brand, I ensure a cohesive and engaging user experience that stands out.

WordPress Troubleshooting

I offer comprehensive WordPress troubleshooting service to quickly diagnose and resolve issues to keep your site running smoothly. Rely on my expertise to fix errors, enhance performance, and ensure optimal functionality

Web Hosting

Experience reliable and fast web hosting services tailored to your needs. Enjoy seamless performance, security and expert support. Trust me to keep your website online and running smoothly, so you can focus on your business.

Website & Domain Management

Simplify your online presence with my comprehensive website and domain management services. I handle everything from website updates to domain renewals, ensuring your online assets are secure and always up-to-date.